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Taco - Fat Free .25 size 3D Profile
Designed by Paul Swanson
Taco 25 kit - $65.00 + Shipping Discontinued  

Wing Span: 36"
Weight: 2.5 - 3 lbs.
Wing Area: 450 Sq. In.
Wing Load: 12.8 Oz / sq. ft.
Engine: .25 - .32 BB
Radio Gear: 4 - 5 Channel Radio, 5 micro servos

The Taco was designed to fly at the annual SMALL Steps event in Little Rock, AR. Models with .25 size motors or smaller are allowed. Thus the Taco was born!!! The Taco is a very easy kit to build with many pre-cut CNC Router Cut parts. The biggest feature of the Taco is the fiberglass rod that runs from the leading edge of the wing to the leading edge of the rudder. This technology borrowed from the competition fun fly models, makes the fuse very strong and simple to build. Check out the building manual below for step by step building instructions.

Full Kit includes: CNC Router Cut wood, sticks, sheeting, fiberglass rod, pre-bent wire landing gear, aircraft ply motor mount, plans and instructions. Basically everything you'll need to finish the Airframe.
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